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Where Innovation Meets Impact

More than investors; we're architects of innovation and champions of positive change. As a premier venture partner studio and BPO service provider, we're committed to shaping the future through strategic investments and unparalleled support.

Who Are We

Empowering Growth, Inspiring Impact

Since 2016, CI Tech Ventures has spearheaded innovation, empowering startups with resources, expertise, and capital.

From pioneering technology ventures to groundbreaking film and media projects, we invest in ventures making a meaningful difference.

Our tailored BPO solutions further support disruptive and innovative businesses in achieving success.

 ✔ Investment Firm    Fund Partner    BPO Provider

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Our CI Solutions

Streamline Operations. Fuel Growth.

CI Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of BPO services designed to optimize your operations and free your team to focus on core business activities.
Whether you need general administrative support, specialized skills like architectural drafting, or media & entertainment expertise, we have the resources to deliver tailored solutions that enhance your efficiency and propel your growth.
Our Partner Funds

Beyond Investment. Amplifying Potential

CI Tech Ventures goes beyond direct investment. We partner and manage funds like the Filipino-focused 1587 Fund and media-specialist Elevate Media Partners. This broadens our reach and expertise, maximizing returns for you and the businesses we empower.
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Our Portfolio

Building Tomorrow Together

CI Tech Ventures isn't just about capital. We're a catalyst for innovation, empowering early-stage companies that disrupt industries and drive positive social and economic change.
We become true partners in their success, providing more than just investment.
Our Approach

Investment and Partnerships That Make a Difference

Our comprehensive approach at CI Tech Ventures extends from providing guidance and operational support to partnering with impactful funds for diverse investment opportunities, ensuring business success with tailored BPO solutions.

Venture Capital

Active Partnership, Impact Focus

From providing capital and offering mentorship, we engage as collaborative partners, guiding our portfolio companies to success.


Fund Partner

Strategic Fund Diversification

Our partnerships with renowned funds like 1587 and Elevate Media offer investors a gateway to a diverse portfolio of impactful opportunities.


BPO Solution

Tailored Solutions for Success

Our comprehensive BPO solutions cater to modern business needs, offering tailored support for back-office operations and specialized expertise.


Connect with us to explore opportunities for growth and collaboration.