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Focus On Your Core Business

We streamline non-essential tasks, freeing you to innovate.

Running a business requires dedication, yet non-core administrative tasks can hinder growth. We specialize in streamlining these functions, allowing you to focus on your core strategy and innovation.


Increased Efficiency
Streamline processes and workflow for greater productivity


Reduced Costs
Eliminate the need for additional in-house staff.


Grow your operations with confidence, knowing your back-office is supported.


Freeing Your Time
Remove the time-consuming tasks that hold you back.

Why Choose Us
Here's How We Can Help

CI-Tech (12)

Experienced Team
Experienced Team: Certified Professionals dedicated to providing exceptional service.

CI-Tech (12)

Advanced Technology
Secure and reliable systems for accurate and efficient processing.

CI-Tech (12)

Scalable Solutions
Customized programs to fit your specific needs and budget.

CI-Tech (12)

Unparalleled Support
Dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer support.

Our Services

Specialized Skills For Any Need

We offer staffing solutions across various industries, connecting businesses with over 1,000 qualified and licensed professionals. Our talent pool covers general back-office support to specialized skills in engineering, technology, and more. We focus on finding the perfect fit for your specific needs, ensuring a smooth integration process for your team.

1 Architectural, Engineering, Construction

AEC Professional

Leverage our expertise in 2D/3D floor plans, BIM modeling, construction documentation, project management, and niche services like drone data capture and AR/VR solutions for your AEC projects.
Design & Technical Support: 2D/3D floor plans, BIM modeling, construction documentation, and more.

Project Management & Visualization: Scheduling, cost tracking, virtual tours, and renderings.

Niche Offerings: Energy modeling, drone-based data capture, AR/VR solutions.

Custom Services: Legacy data conversion and specialized software support.

2 Human Resource, Accounting, Admin

Back-Office Support

We handle your HR, admin, and other back-office tasks, including recruitment, payroll, data processing, customer support, and specialized services like accounting and market research.
HR Services: Recruitment, onboarding, payroll processing, training, and more.

Admin Services: Customer support, data entry, document management, virtual assistants, etc.

Core Back-Office Services: Data processing & analysis, transcription, order processing, quality assurance.

Specialized Back-Office Services: Finance & accounting, market research, IT support, translation services.

3 Designer, Editor, Moderator

Media and Creatives

Our media and creative services encompass customer support, content moderation, data management, technical support, and creative services like video editing, graphic design, and copywriting.
Customer Support: Inbound/outbound calls, email support, live chat, social media monitoring.

Content Moderation: User-generated content and listing management.

Data-Related Services: Market research, data entry, lead generation.

Technical Support: Website/app troubleshooting and IT helpdesk.

Creative Services: Video editing, photo editing, graphic design, copywriting.

4 Real Estate Content Creation


Enhance real estate visuals with our editing services, virtual staging, floor plans, and platform features like order management and AI assistant. We offer both per-project and dedicated editor solutions.
Photo & Video Editing: Enhance and edit real estate visuals.

Virtual Staging: Create realistic virtual representations of unfurnished spaces.

Floor Plans: Generate accurate and visually appealing floor plans.

Platform Features: Order management, platform integration, and AI assistant.